Robots at Work and Play

A robot is a computerized machine which is programmed by humans to perform tasks for people.  Robots perform repetitive and dangerous tasks that humans either don't want, or are unable to do for a variety of reasons:

Size limitations robots can go to places where people can't fit into

Extreme environments such as outer space where people can't easily survive.

The word 'robot' is rooted in the Slavic language as robots, which means forced laborer, and refers to a term which classified peasants forced to serve under the feudal system.

Robots Tackle the 3 D's

  • Dirty
  • Dangerous
  • Dull

Robots can clean your house, wash a floor and mow the lawn. Have you ever hear of the Roomba vacuuming robot?

Robots can enter steaming hot volcanos, which are very dangerous places for people, to collect samples and gather test data on chemicals and gasses. 

Robots are also used to perform delicate surgeries to save people's lives.

Home Automation Can Help the Elderly and Disabled

Further information: Disability robot

The disability robot, FRIEND, can assist the elderly and disabled with common tasks such as home automation, preparing and serving meals, and travel outside the home with little assistance from therapists or nursing staff. Semi-autonomous robots are designed to support disabled, paraplegic and elderly people live relatively independent lives.

If you could invent a robot, what would it do?

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By Institute of Automation (IAT), University of Bremen - Institute of Automation (IAT), University of Bremen, GFDL,

Robot Joke

Perfect Robot to Serve Man

I thought up this joke while watching a Netflix special on Rise of the Robot competition. 

Here's the mindmap I created to help me memorize the joke speech for my Toastmasters club.   All images in this page are available to print and color for Scissorcraft subscribers.

joke robots mind map