Asian Style Cultural Theme Gift Wrap

East Asia

Asian Style Gift Wrap

rainbow fish scalesiconPrint-it-yourself wallpaper or gift-wrap paper Eastern Asia theme gift wrap for small, personalized and unique gifts that can be easily covered by letter or legal sized paper.

Colorful floral and decorative printable images for creating special, one-of-a kind gift wrapping for small presents. Most of the images in this section are all available as printable paper coloring book crafts for children, hobbiests and personal art projects in Paper Kokeshi Dolls for Children web site kokeshi dolls.

Traditional Kokeshi dolls are handcrafted wooden Japanese Kokeshi Japanese Theme toys with round heads and slender, cylindrical, limbless bodies. The heads are usually attached to the bodies with a small round peg as a neck. The traditional dolls are produced only in the Tohiku region of northern Japan. Kokeshi dolls originated during the Edo period (1600 to 1868). The distinctive floral kimono patterns and other designs indicate the area in which the maker(s) live and are passed along from generation to generation of kokeshi artisans.

The dolls are carved by skilled Japanese "Kijiya" (meaning woodturners or woodworkers) from seasoned cherry wood, Mizuko (dogwood) and Itaya-kaede (Japanese Maple). The doll shapes are created on wood turning machines in the same way furniture legs and spindles are carved.

Asian Style Cultural Gift Wrap