Food Candy Gift Wrap

Candies & Sweets

Candy, Licorice and Other Sweets

candy cane diagonal stripesiconPrint-it-yourself candy corn wallpaper for gift wrap this halloween.  Use these candy and sweets theme printable images for creating special, one-of-a kind gift wrapping for small presents. Colorful and unique gift wrap you can print on your home or office laser jet or color printer. Save yourself the hassle of the last minute scramble to find the perfect wrapping paper for the office party or spur of the moment gift. Great for wrapping stocking stuffing, jewelry, gifts, dog and cat treats, CD', DVD's, candy and other meaningful, special and personal small presents.

Play good practical jokes and tricks this Halloween, wrap gag gifts in candy corn wrap to fool the trick and treating and ghouls.

Candy Theme Gift Wrap