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Reptiles, Frogs and Amphibians

Frogs Amphibians

karma frog plays saxaphoneicon Reptiles and Amphibians appear in folk art from Biblical tales where plagues of frogs rained down upon Egypt (Exodus 8:6) to medieval convictions that frog were witches "familiars" and symbol of the devil, to mischievous toads and frogs that decorate totem poles in the Pacific Northwest.

Folk Lore of Frogs and Toads

Frogs and toads literally fill the pages of folklore and fairy tales in many cultures. The earliest frog story is attributed to Aesop, a slave of Phrygian origin who lived on Samos, a Greek island in the eastern Aegean Sea. Aesop is said to have authored many fables, including "The Frogs Who Desired a King" a political allegory and one of the 38 Aesop's fables. In Scotland the frog is considered a sign of good luck.

Egyptian Frog Worship

Ancient Egyptians worshiped the frog-goddess and considered the frog to be a symbol of life and fertility. Native Americans saw the frog as the guardian of all the Earth's fresh water springs and wetlands.