Slide Eggs Forms & Templates

diagonal lines format1200Formats for Paper Eggs

Pysanky (also spelled Pisanki) Easter Egg designs are traditional Ukrainian folk art designs which are decorated within simple geometrical forms such as circles, squares, diamond shapes and flowery repetitive vines and foliage, to name a few.

Specific colors and symbols are important with traditional Pysanky decorating because each color and symbol has a special, usually religious, significance.

Color Book Paper Easter Egg Template

Children can use these Easter ggg blank templates as guides in creating their own unique Faberegé, Pysanky and other personalized, traditional or creative egg designs.

Print several of these blank images and visit for design ideas and inspiration including Pysanky eggs and other peasant art designs.

Decorate your unique egg creations with crayons or markers and embellish with glitter, sequins and bits of cloth, feathers and pieces of colored paper.