Color Book Coin Purses

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filled coin snap bag

A personal favorite purse style is the simple clasp coin carrier purse.  Always for sale at any retail store that carries lines of purses and handbags.  My favorite place to find coin purses are at garage and rummage sales because I can usually pick one or two up for a nickle or a dime at a garage or yard sale sale.   One time I bought a coin purse for 25 cents while out one afternoon and when I checked inside later at home, found a one-dollar bill.  Coin purses are so easy to find at yard sales sometimes I wonder if I am the only person using them. Could it be possible? Naw.

Coin Purses and Handbags


I did have a good time designing and illustrating these bags, purses and clutches which might pique interest for crafty folks or young budding clothing designers.
Color these coin purses and miscellaneous carry-on bags with crayons or markers. Make decorations for ceremonies and special events like birthdays and holidays.