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Decision Grid Part I: Introduction

Decision Grid which visually demonstrates how thoughts and ideas process within our minds.

The Decision Grid follows the flow of decision-making from the moment a question or situation arises to the instant a solution, an answer or hypothesis seems to magically pop into our minds.

How it works:

The Decision Grid process helps to visualize how the mind determines meanings behind words and actions which convey thought and idea from one person to another.

Questions trigger the brain into bringing in and evaluating new ideas and concepts against current memories, ideas and concepts.

How it works:

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What is the meaning of "_________________________?"

1. An individual hears, reads, sees or senses the question.



2. The mind conjures up ideas, memories and experiences concerning all existing knowledge of the question in order to formulate an answer.



3. The mind sorts, shuffles, weighs and ultimately decides to formulate a response.



4. The individual expresses an answer in the form of speech, writing or other form of physical manifestation.

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