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Decision Grid, Part II - New Question

How it works:

Bring out Card #2.

Players are now requested to consider the meaning and jot down their answers to the word their neighbor chose as a response to the first question.

hand with stop watchthInform the group that they have 5 seconds to jot one to three words that come to mind upon reading this new word (as a new question).

When 5 seconds are up, the players are to turn all cards face down to be collected by the instructor for compilation.

Example: You receive a card that containes the word "crystal" as a response to the meaning of rose.

Your own response to the meaning of rose, might have included words like: fragrance, pretty, flower, bouquet, Valentine's Day.

Perhaps you never heard about rose crystals, so the notion of the meaning of the word rose did not occur to you as to include "crystal."

Card #1 draws solely upon memory to provide an answer to the initial question. What is the meaning of the word rose?

Whatever each individual decides as the best answer depends upon their personal experiences, memories, and stereotypical paradigms.

Card #2 Introduces new concepts to consider to on possible new descriptions to the meaning of the word rose.

In part II the brain is forced to incorporate another persons description of the word rose and apply to their own concepts, memory, experiences and stereotypical paradigms.Your new task is to formulate your best description of the word "crystal." What does the word "crystal" bring to your mind?

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