Color Book Faux Stained Glass Turkish Tile Mandala Arts & Craft Activities

Print these colorful stained glass "Turkish" tiles on plain or colored paper. Decorate with bright crayons, Magic Markers or water color paints for colorful decorations that are sure to brighten any holiday season.

These are functional gifts children can make for Mother's or Father's day or any day. Laminate and use turkish tiles designs as coasters or hanging ornaments to make your windows sparkle like church windows in the sunlight. Wipe one side of the paper lightly with lemon oil for a translucent effect.

Print these tiles and other stained glass geometric images on window decal material and create sun filled window displays.

Geometrical Stained Glass Color Book Tile Craft Activity

Criss Cross Diamond Design

Collection of Diamonds and Crosses

Symmetrical Intersecting Triangle Shapes

Wagon Wheel Tile

Suns, Stars and Triangles

Hidden Sunburst

Flowery Design with Vines

Wheel With Cogs

Su Star Bursts Tile

Points of Light Ring

Ornate Edges with Small Flower

Bold Heart Flower with Ornate Border

Flowery Tile/a>

Points of Light Radiating Outward

Symmetrical Pie Slices

Checkerboard of Flowers

Big Flower in Octagon

Rainbow Striped Patterns

Simple Circle with Lights

Radiant Burst

Optical Illusion Tile

Sunburst with Rainbow Lines

Big Burst in Soft Sided Frame

Star Bursts within Star

Intersecting Lines Symmetrical Pattern

Radiating Flower Power

Sharp Tongue Flower Blossom

16's Style pop Flower

Radiant Burst

Rainbow Lined Intersecting Around Star

Circle of Diamond Shapes on Symmetrical Frame

Geometric Pattern

Repeating Tile Pattern

Circles Surrounding Blossom


Big Sunflower

Optical Illusion Pattern