Mandala Color Book

Mandala Designs Color Book

Remember the drawings that we used to create by just letting the pencil flow creatively over a blank sheet of paper until it was filled with loops and swirls. Then we'd take our Crayons and color each section until the result was a brilliantly colored stain glass piece of artwork we were sure belonged in some fine art museum somewhere in the world.

These geometrically, computer produced images in Paper Mandalas are a bit like those pencil drawings but symmetrical and mostly eight sided patterns which is the basic structure of most traditional mandalas.

Mandalas may be used for relaxation and entertainment purposes or to teach geometric symmetry. Many people use mandalas for spiritual purposes such as with meditation and rituals.

Escape from the fast lane for a while and relax by printing out collections of these pretty images and just color the day away. Sounds nice doesn't it? Enjoy.

What are Mandalas?

The dictionary defines a mandala as any of various ritualistic geometric designs symbolic of the universe, used in Hinduism and Buddhism as an aid to meditation.

Mandala is Sanskrit for circle, polygon, community, or connection. Explore the Mandala to learn more about historical Buddhist Mandalas.

Mandala Color Book Image Crafts For Child and Hobby Projects

The geometrically designed printable paper stained glass Kaleidoscope Mandalas are simple to complex geometric designs.

To download our free mandala coloring s, click on the mandala you'd like to color. Print the mandala and other stained glass geometric images on plain or colored paper.

Save a mandala image to your PC and pre-color with your art program. Print the mandala or stained glass geometric image on window decal material to create a sun filled mandala display.