Evil Eye Mandala Jewelry Decoration Craft For Art Projects

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Evil Eye Mandala Jewelry

Ancient superstitions abound. The Evil Eye tradition is as common worldwide as the Lucky Rabbit's Foot or the Lucky Penny. The Evil Eye is everywhere. Children can print and color these evil eye color book images which are traditionally white, blue and black.

The most common form of the Evil eye is thought to be caused by unintentional envious gazes toward innocent victims which can bring bad luck to the recipient.

Some people believe that the Evil eye is a curse which can be made on another person just by the malevolent gaze of a magical eye. The power casted by the evil eye is thought to cause harmful disease to people, primarily young children and babies, and to animals, such as livestock.

The term "evil eye" comes from the old English word for casting the evil eye or overlooking which implies the gaze has lasted longer than is comfortable upon a coveted possession, person, or animal.

Color Book Evil Eye Decoration Craft For Art Projects

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